Promoting the awareness that everyone has dreams and ability and have the right to pursue them.

By becoming an Ability Ally you can help support members of the IDD community turn their dreams into a reality! Working at A Special Blend is more than a job, it is an opportunity for our employees to show the world that they are ABLE! Able to have a job, able to be successful,  able to have other interests and hobbies. A place like A Special Blend opens so many doors for it’s employees and your support is crucial to ensuring the doors can continue to remain open for all in the IDD community. Click here to learn more about our baristas and how they are so much more than meets the eye!

Want to support our amazing community in achieving their goals? Become an Ability Ally and head to our donation page. Learn how you can be part of the movement of inclusivity, register for updates on our baristas progress and what’s next for our community in a cup!


Purchase a #i.am.able t-shirt for yourself and spread the word!  or buy to donate to members of the IDD community! Learn more about where the donated shirts will go.

Our Community

A Special Blend is a 501 (C) 3, Non Profit Corporation that counts on donations to help with expenses and to expand our reach to employ adults with developmental or intellectual disabilities. Approximately 82% of people with disabilities are unemployed. We hope to change that statistic!

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